Tuesday, 12 February 2013

! ♢ winter collection 2013 ♢ !

Hello, I am really proud to present you some handmade things from my winter collection. It took me a while but I manage to make the photo shooting for some stuff which I had made a few weeks ago..of course I had the precious help of my friend Natacha!
 Thank you sweetie for your participation! :*

Take a look...

 knitted headband 

 knitted headband 

 knitted circle scarf

 necklace with yarn and beads 

  necklace with yarn 

 earrings from felt

 knitted hat

 knitted hat

  necklace with yarn and beads 

earrings from cork

necklace from felt

You can also take a look at my site, my Facebook page and on Flickr.

keep crafting see u next time ;)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

⌘ Brand new site! ⌘

I know that I have been lost for several  months but I had some other stuff to do..Here the winter is too heavy and without sun it's really difficult to be inspired and creative!

Despite the weather and my terrible mood I managed to do MY site!!!
Check it here, my  brand new site Risata
I am so glad that I finally did it, but also I know that I will make some changes in the future ;)

Ps: stay tuned for my new photo shooting and my new stuff!