Friday, 7 September 2012

★◦ the rest of the collection..◦ ★

I am so terribly sorry for my delay but those days were really messed up. My sister and I , we had to move and leave our apartment, and the whole process to find a place and the moving part was.. really difficult! Anyway.. I had some photos from my previous photo shooting which I always postpone to upload...finally the time has come!

(available by order in different fabrics)

 clutch from paper, plastic and fabric

 over knee skirt with elastic waist and belt
(available by order in different fabrics)
 clutch - envelope 
(available by order in different fabrics) 

 clutch from paper and plastic

 ring / earring / ring from paper
 earring from liquid glass / ring from cork
 ring from liquid glass / earring from liquid glass

 necklace from liquid glass / ring from paper
 earring from yarn (available by order in different fabrics)

  earring from yarn (available by order in different fabrics)

You can find more of my stuff here

cu next time!!
keep crafting...

Thursday, 9 August 2012

★ ✧ new collection ✧ ★

Hello! Two weeks before there was sunny and of course I came up of  a lot of inspiration and ideas! Take a look my brand new handmade stuff ..

High waist skirt and clutch.

Rings from liquid glass.

High waist long skirt, clutch, ring and necklace.


I hope you liked my new collection...for order ..
cu next time!

Monday, 16 July 2012

☺ baby dress & toy ☺

Hello, I finally finish my "baby projects" for my cousin which is 2 moths old..
So take a look...

This is a summer dress and my inspire was of course the polka dots...

You can order and also see it here

And this is the toy ball...  is knitted and I stuffed it with a fluffy material and put a bell inside, so when she is playing with this is going to ring...
Thank you for next time..keep crafting ;)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

⌘ bracelets ⌘

Hej! Two weeks before I started to make some things but in very slow rhythms..unfortunately!!
But these days I am going to follow my crafting "programme", I hope to create some things and create my own line - brand list ,because this time in my house we are very crowded and it isn't going to be so easy...
 Here are some bracelets..inspiration of my sister!!

Keep crafting!!cu next time!

Monday, 4 June 2012

✘ ♢ decoupage ♢✘

These days i was wondering what should i do with all empty jars, which my sister have been gathering in order to use them in her kitchen. 
So i couldn't see all these empty jars without embelish them!!! 
Welcome decoupage in our lifes!! lol

Here are some new stuff where i bought in a secondhand's amazing what do you find there!!

Cu next time!keep crafting ;)